How do we achieve these things?

By helping you to learn quickly through doing!

Performing people change and improve their performance, not by listening how to do NLP, but by trying it out for themselves.  So our training interventions focus on quickly learning NLP techniques and then trying them out, providing you with feedback and then giving you more and more practice until you get it! Once you have learned NLP ‘in the muscle’ like this, then you will continue to practice and learn how to use it in all aspects of your life.

At Performing People, we encourage people to be the best that they can be. We our focused on the future and on helping people to achieve their goals, whilst providing them with the tools and techniques that will enable them to embrace change, facilitate their learning and improve their performance.

Book on a course now and start your NLP journey with Performing People and we will help you to:

business man

  • Communicate effectively to get the results you want
  • Deliver amazing presentations that engage, inspire and motivate
  • Make a big impact and influence other people
  • Manage change and come out on top!
  • Understand yourself and change your beliefs (for good)
  • Change your thought patterns and habits (for good)
  • Resolve conflict and build trust and co-operation
  • Manage difficult people
  • Manage your own state and stay in control
  • Motivate yourself to achieve your goals
  • Motivate teams to deliver excellent results
  • Build more meaningful and beneficial relationships
  • Model the excellence of others and achieve similar results

And by doing these things you will dramatically transform your performance, achieve more success in all areas of your life, enjoy life and have more fun!

If you own your own business or manage teams in a corporate organisation, Performing People will help your people to:

  • Become excellent at what they do, whether that is selling, managing, serving customers or developing people
  • Communicate effectively and with more ease and simplicity
  • Influence stakeholders, partners and colleagues to deliver better results for your business
  • Manage change more effectively and with less stress

When you want to start your life-changing journey contact me Lyndon Price on 07971 816 550 to book now or for a free 15 minute consultation on how working with Performing People will change your life and your business.